We love our Angel Jackson team here in Bali.. they are the people who help make it all possible. That’s why we love to do special, crazy days out with all the team and their families whenever we can!

Our last trip was to Bali Treetops Adventure Park and what a laugh it was! All the team, their kids, our kids, bustled onto the coach at 8am. Picnics were packed, courage in tact and lots of smiling faces..


Despite the 2hr bus journey through narrow mountain roads, we all arrived excited and full of anticipation. None of us had been to Treetops before but had heard great things.


Jon, Senior Tailor: “It was a great day!”

We all had to get fitted with our harnesses and clips (not the most comfortable of accessory) and then we were ready to get climbing through the trees…


Ayux, Executive Assistant:
“A great activity during work. We had so much fun and went back to work completely refreshed.’


Bedor, Quality Control Supervisor:
“Can’t wait for the next one!”


Agus, Senior Tailor:
“This has definitely been my favourite family day so far!”

After 3 nerve-wracking, yet exhilarating hours, we stopped for a well deserved rest and lunch in the Botanical Gardens.  We also had our bi-annual Employee awards ceremony, where a prize for ‘Best Production’ was awarded to Yudi. Yudi has been part of the Angel Jackson team since we started our first workshop in 2006.

Not sure how we’re going to top this family day.. no doubt the team have got some good ideas!

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