Kingdom of Style is a blog for fashion obsessives. Run by the self titled Queen Marie and Queen Michelle, Kingdom of Style is a fashion blog bursting at the seams with personality, thanks to the girls’ individual and highly desirable outfit posts.

It regularly provides a platform for the more esoteric of labels, and we were so delighted to see our Atomic Box Bag’s featured in an outfit post this June. It makes us so happy to hear how much the girls love our bags, and the outfit post really embodies the Angel Jackson spirit.


kingdom of style-satchel

Queen Michelle with the Atomic Mini Box bags in Taupe and Tangerine


With their encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion, you could be mistaken for thinking the girls work in the industry. However when they aren’t blogging, Marie works as a Creative Director for a design and marketing company, whilst Michelle is a graphic designer and DJ. These girls set up their blog purely to indulge their love of fashion, and it has become one of the most successful style blogs around.


kingdom of style-atomic box bags


We highly recommend you check out Kingdom of Style; but be warned, you may be kept busy for a few hours!

kingdom of style-bag - angel jackson

 All photographs are courtesy of Kingdom of Style’s Blog.

for more information on the Atomic Mini Box bags ( rrp £245) please have a look at our online shop where you will find many colours to choose from!

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