Breton stripes are a sartorial classic; timeless and elegant the iconic Parisian motif has had an update courtesy of Ella Catliff, founder of one of Britain’s leading style blogs, La Petite Anglaise.

ella la petite-satchel-breton

22-year-old Ella started her blog in 2010 whilst interning at Parisian fashion house Baron Baronne, where she documented her daily life as a young English fashion enthusiast making her way in the fashion capital.

Since then, La Petite Anglaise has grown into one of the most popular fashion blogs around, recommended by everyone from Vogue to The Daily Telegraph. It’s safe to say we were thrilled to see how Ella styled our graphic satchel.

ella la petite-satchel-breton striped

Ella has taken a little slice of her adventures in Paris in the form of her Breton top and mixed it with a dash of quirky London style with a camouflage print skirt and pumps. Her look is finished off with our cross body graphic satchel in blue leather. With metallic stripes and a snakeskin trim, we think the satchel is the perfect addition to Ella’s outfit.

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